Candle Coven


Welcome to the coven and come join our circle. 

Introducing the Candle Coven by Belle’s Books & Candles - a monthly candle delivery for the modern witch. A more alchemical practice than made-to-order candles, the candles included here have been infused with intention, with carefully blended oils to create unique, one-off fragrances. 

With a new theme each month and more deluxe receptacles, this is an indulgence that can be abided monthly or when the pleasure strikes you.

Spots are limited, as covens can grow wild if there are too many witches stirring the cauldron. 

Ships at the end of the month. Please purchase other items separately if you cannot wait.

The August theme is 'Winter In Rus'.

We wanted to do a cozy theme for Winter based on 'The Bear and the Nightingale'. This scent evokes the feeling of being snuggled in a warm, cozy cabin while it's snowing outside. The luxe version is set in a brand new luxurious glass jar, you can expect a burn time of 48+ hours. 

“His voice was like snow at midnight.” - Katherine Arden