Saturnalia Lovers Pins - Set of 2


The Saturnalia collection is here!

These black glitter pins celebrate Saturnalia- an ancient celebration predating Christmas as we know it. The 'Lord of Chaos' ( also known as 'Lord of Misrule') was the elected Head of Mischief, and was chosen at random by receiving a coin in a cake. They were essentially the leader of this week of debauchery.

Alongside the 'Lord of Chaos' we have 'Mother Destruction'. As this is a celebration for Saturn, we too celebrate his partner, Lua a.k.a Mother Destruction. Lua is the one you want to appease with offerings, mainly weapons used in war, burned bodies, that kind of thing. Together they make quite the pair!

Pins measures 40mm. Both come with two pins on the back for added security.

Comes on backing card.